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Default Mark Zonder

Anyone here like Mark Zonder?
One of my favorite progressive drummers, he's definitely comparable to Portnoy.
I don't like one of them more than the other, but I saw no thread on Zonder so I decided to start one.

Here is his drummerworld profile

He's worked with a lot of notable musicians, most notably Fates Warning. Before that he played several records with the heavy metal band warlord, then moved to progressive with fates warning. He is currently working with the British rock band, "ten", and they just put out their first album with him a few weeks ago.

Here are some of my favorite solo selections from him

He can also be heard in all of the fates warning albums except the first 4.
Some Fates Warning Selections... - Point of View from Parallels - Life in Still Water from Parallels - Leave the Past Behind from Parallels - Still Remains from Disconnected - One from Disconnected - Pieces of Me from Disconnected - So from Disconnected - Another Perfect Day from FWX - Simple Human from FWX - Heal Me from FWX

He's also on the album's Perfect Symmetry, Inside Out, and Pleasant Shade of Gray, however I think the 3 above have the most impressive drumming performance, and are my personal favorites.

And here is a good song off of his current work with ten - Destiny off of Stormwaking

Also a couple things that are unique about him, He sometimes uses a 4 piece and sometimes plays traditional grip. Both very uncommon for a prog drummer!

Feel free to post any other videos of him or his work!
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