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Default Re: How are analog formats doing?

Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
We are pretty much at the stage where analog is being used as an effect within the digital recording
Not only in recording but even in the live performances as well. You ever hear of Serato or Traktor? Long story short, time-coded vinyl. You set up your turntables, and hook them up to the interface unit. The software is loaded onto a desktop or laptop with your whole music/sound collection visible. The software and interface read the signal that's being emitted from the time-coded vinyl records with is reading your music collection as well and where a decade and more ago you used to have to lug crates of records, now you only need two.

Although, now a lot of your old school cats that had to lug crates look at the new comers who've only used a Serato or Traktor and kind of think of it as cheating.

Polly: I've got to agree with you on that art aspect. They've got to figure out how to digitally convey all of the backing information and content that an actual physical copy does. That's the biggest reason I don't buy music in digital form only.
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