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Originally Posted by AtomicFlapjack View Post
I'm a bit of a MP obsessive tbh... He is my most influential drummer, I don't even play prog but i just love his playing. His ability (and DT's altogether) to make some of their ridiculous time sigs flow together and sound smooth is what amazes me. Dance of Eternity is a favourite, even if it is a bit of a show-off song.
I really couldn't have said it any better myself. Portnoy is my most influential drummer as well. He's such a great player, and like you said, so is everyone from Dream Theater. I love progressive music. I listen to all sorts of bands like Porcupine Tree, The Flower Kings, Spock's Beard, Yes, Rush, and of course other Portnoy projects like Transatlantic and OSI. But at the end of the day (like Mike used to say), Dream Theater is my baby. Number one.

Anyway, I thought you might be excited to hear that I got a chance to see him and Yellow Matter Custard over this past weekend. We drove for ten hours to get there and waited outside for hours, but it was worth it. I was lucky enough to get front row, and at the end of the show he gave me one of the drumsticks he had used. I couldn't believe it!! I still can't believe it. He's Mike Portnoy! And definately one of the greatest musicians around today.
I just want to play.
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