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Default post your weeks playing scheduel

Monday 7. March 11: day off! Practice only.

Tuesday 8. Teaching. Start 10 am. End 8.30 pm.

Wednesday 9. Teaching. 12 pm. End 6 pm.

Thursday 9. Teaching. 10 am. End. 6 pm.

Friday 10. Teaching 10 am. End 8.30 pm. (No gig booked)

Saturday 11. Teaching 12 pm. End 4 pm.
Wedding gig 8 pm. (Old time rock and roll band)

Sunday. Rehearsal 11 am through 3 pm. (Funk band)

I have to find some time to play with an orchestra I have been asked to join. So far we have not been able to mesh our time tables.

I am curious as to what you are doing next week. Please post.
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