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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by Vibra-Slap'd
Just so everyone knows... Steevo is on the road with the Crue right now. I know he has limited access to email and the web. I'm sure he will respond to everyones questions we he gets some free time...

I just dont want anybody to think he is gone from the board!
It's true... I'm not gone from the board by any means... It was really busy getting this new leg going, but we're off and running. Thanks to all of you who've seen the show and posted comments, I'll pass them along to Tommy as well.
Originally Posted by NPX
I've got a question for you about ye olde ddrum3 brain in the pics you posted. What software are you using to send samples to it from the Macs? I ask this because I too have a ddrum3 brain that I have been using for years (it's amazing that after 10 or 12 years there is still nothing on the market that equals it) and was using the old SCSI Dump software to load samples. I haven't had to load any samples into it for a couple of years, but I noticed when I did (after upgrading my old mac to one without a SCSI port) I could only use the software while actually booted from OS 9, it wouldn't work with the SCSI to USB adapter running classic in OSX. The trouble is that Macs made from 2004 (including the one I have now) no longer boot into OS9 (they only run classic), so I am unable to transfer anything from my computer at the moment. (Luckily a friend of mine has an old mac that I was able to use to transfer some stuff this week.)

In the pic I can see you're running OSX on the G5 tower. What program are you using to put samples in the brain?
To answer the ddrum question: I actually use Quicktime Pro to send whatever sample I've built to the MOTU interface(S/PDIF out) then realtime sampling into the ddrum3 via the S/PDIF input. It's kind of a pain in the ass, but it works.... I'll try to answer all ofthe other questions very soon... I'm in the middle of setting up my world right now. See you all soon!!!!!!!!!!
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