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Default Re: How are analog formats doing?

Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
What's after digital? If we can teach a computer to count to more than 1 maybe there's something - I suspect it will be a fluid organic soup that can think...... but then it won't need us anymore ;-)
A fluid organic soup? That's just a human being sans the the framework and outer layer :)

Everyone says it's quantum but the only thing I know about it is that it uses paradoxes. Also, at the quantum level the act of observation changes the event - something that anyone who's dealt with stage nerves would recognise.

Originally Posted by RollingStone000
Vinyl - Yes please!!! Any day of the week as a mater of fact. The best thing about vinyl in my opinion is that you can get full, somewhat obscure albums in their entirety. I hate compilations with a passion.
RollingStone, I've never been a hi-fi buff so I found the switch to digital was simply more convenient and saved me from the pops and scratches ... apart from one thing ...

Album cover art. We've lost all those visual and tactile experiences. My big sister's copy of Sgt Pepper really thrilled me in 1966 - it helped imbue the mind-bending music with an extra sense of magic that I remember to this day. Now the visual side of things is covered by video and, when that's well done, it's a definite advancement. Of course a bad video gives about as much pleasure as this:

... I wonder if the dorky videos of today will be as funny to people in the future as this cover? :)

On the other hand there was Jim Flora's wonderful cover art:

... not to mention the legendary Roger Dean:

That's what I miss the most.
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