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Default Re: Recording Roldand V-Drums.

Keeping in mind I'm quite ignorant to how MIDI works (or what it is, really) - can any one point me to a web page / source of information where I can learn how to record my V-Drums? Some of the questions I have specifically would be:

-The drum module has a headphone port, and MIDI out (I think it's out?). Which of these can be used for recording? Which should be used?

Both, but the TD-4 should also have L/R output jacks and these are better to use.

-Based on the answer to the question above, what kind of cable would I need to hook the drum module to the sound card on my PC?

Probably a splitter cable (TRS to 2 x TS) and a stepdown adaptor from 6.5mm (F) to 3.5mm (M)

-Based on the above answer, I suppose I may or may not need a new sound card (depends on the type of cable).

Your inbuilt soundcard will probably do 44.1KHz/24bit at best and 16 bit most likely. A better quality I/O device would cost you a couple of hundred at the most.

-Once I've got the "physical layer" addressed, what software can I use to record with?

Reaper - about $50 and fully featured.

I know this is asking a lot! Any direction to existing resources would be appreciated.[/quote]
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