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Default Re: How are analog formats doing?

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
When it comes to listening to music it seems that digital has dominated with the popularity of CDs and MP3s.

Is the analog age collecting dust or are there any more advancements just as there have been in recent years with digital?

I was surprised when I found out a Melbourne community radio station I listen to was playing new tracks from new albums that were released on vinyl.

Now there is this big debate about analog vs digital but I've got the impression (from what I've read on the net) is that analog (being analogously recorded) makes a truer representation of sound waves and has a 'warmer sound' etc. while digital allows for a higher dynamic range (which sadly isn't exploited enough)...their pros and cons go on

...and what about tape? Does anyone still record to tape? (I'm thinking Compact Cassette Tapes - a much more portable analog format).

I had these kind of wonderings and a few weeks ago I ended up picking up and listening to a few old southern-european-folk tracks (on compact cassette tape) that were collecting dust at my grandfather's place.

...and what's next after digital...quantum?
We are pretty much at the stage where analog is being used as an effect within the digital recording - have a look at the new desk that Neve is making - it's fully analog with no automation and is designed to add 'that Neve analog sound" to your ProTools (or alternative) sessions. (btw I love analog)

Cassette? half of an 1/8" tape going at approx 1.84 feet per second? No thanks.

What's after digital? If we can teach a computer to count to more than 1 maybe there's something - I suspect it will be a fluid organic soup that can think...... but then it won't need us anymore ;-)
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