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Default Re: Your Playing section

Originally Posted by daredrummer View Post
Great idea.

Would just playing some self written music (but not really a solo) fall under jams?
That's one of those grey areas. I guess it could fit under "solo" since it's done by one person, or it could fit under the band category as a one-person band.

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Good idea. But how about, Solos, Jams, and Home Brew for the tidbits of small rudiment type explanations and self written things
More grey areas ... Home Brew might be confusing. After all, some people have enough trouble given all the links to one's own playing and gear questions in General Discussion. I think Instruction videos would fit pretty well in the Technique area.

I'm not sure any of this can happen because of the programming costs and Bernhard not having a bottomless pit of money (or he'd be able to afford more trips sunbaking on the Swiss coast).

To Berhnard: If you ever decide to redesign, what do you think of this option?
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