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Default Re: How are analog formats doing?

Analog's doing well (financially) when I pop into my local record stores.

From my personal experience, the formats go like so:

MP3's - Only if I've got a hard copy, usually a CD, version as well. I'm not too hard on this, but there have been many times, where I've bought a song or two and several months or a year down the line it get's lost or deleted. I transfer music to and from my phone at least twice a week, it's easy to forget something is still there and wipe the sd card and then S.O.L.

CD - My personal favorite. I just like to have the actual physical copy. I don't know why I just have a serious problem only having my music in digitized file format. Although it's just as cumbersome as a cassette tape so I rip the discs over.

Cassette - Ha, that's a good one. Only if it happens to be 1990 again.

Vinyl - Yes please!!! Any day of the week as a mater of fact. The best thing about vinyl in my opinion is that you can get full, somewhat obscure albums in their entirety. I hate compilations with a passion.
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