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Default Re: How are analog formats doing?

Originally Posted by Nodiggie View Post
I've been told this by two different Engineers but never heard it yet. I was told that tracking drums to those old 2" Analog tapes produce a HUGE drum sound, greater than digital. I must say my curiosity is peeking since today's modern drums and heads selections make drums sound fantastic compared to the old days. I was basically told, "If you have access to a 2" analog tape recorder in the studio, USE IT for the drums. What do you think about this?
Recorded properly, all drum sounds can be fantastic, there's just a difference in the way they're captured. As I mentioned, there's a saturation (warmth from distortion) that adds to the old sound in a way that digital doesn't inherently do. Compare film to video, both accepted in their own way, but with different textures. Like video where a "film look" can be applied, digital audio can also be manipulated to get an analog vibe. It's not exactly the same, but suitable for a generation listening to mp3s through ear buds.


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