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Default Re: How are analog formats doing?

Originally Posted by Nodiggie View Post
I've been told this by two different Engineers but never heard it yet. I was told that tracking drums to those old 2" Analog tapes produce a HUGE drum sound, greater than digital. I must say my curiosity is peeking since today's modern drums and heads selections make drums sound fantastic compared to the old days. I was basically told, "If you have access to a 2" analog tape recorder in the studio, USE IT for the drums. What do you think about this?
I think this is great. Provided you can actually find a new roll of tape that won't cost you $500 which only gives you about 15 minutes of recording time. There's a reason these older analog studios are getting expensive: maintenance on the gear (a good repair technician costs about $65 an hour to keep that stuff running up to snuff) and tape. Factor in the brick and mortar costs (an outrageously high electric bill since the older gear sucks more amperage and you need better and silent air conditioning to keep it all cool) and I'm not surprised ProTools took off the way it did.

But a friend of mine has a 2" tape deck in his completely analog recording studio that I helped him build, so if you want to go there, I'll give you his number. I suggested to him at one point to keep all the old analog gear but replace the recorder part with ProTools. He thought I was crazy.
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