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Default Re: How are analog formats doing?

Another interesting analogy is writing - typewriters v word processors - and its effect on the creative processs. My mother was a writer and technophobe. She refused to even look at work processors and never laid a finger on one until the day she died (mid 90s). Everything was done on her ancient typewriter. Minor typos were dealt with by white out and major changes meant rewriting the page(s).

There was no chance to cut and paste sentences or paragraphs, and generally far less flexibility in changing anything. That meant there was more pressure in the "performance" because she'd be punished for lapses. Many artists in various areas talk about how pressure can drive their creativity. I used to know an artist who waited until the last minute to paint before her exhibitions because she felt that brought the best out in her.

Just one of those intangibles that's changed with the advent of digital.
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