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Default Re: How are analog formats doing?

We have this discussion every now and then around the table here at Disney. And really, to us, analog is dead. The advantages of digital really outweigh the disadvantages. And as one of the gentlemen who wrote and recorded the original music for the Main Street Electrical Parade (back in '71) asked me over lunch, "could you go back to analog?" This guy isn't - and you could say he's been there and done that. It isn't nostalgia for him, he clearly knows the advantages of the new medium.

I thought about picking up a nice 8-track reel-to-reel to be the basis of my demo studio, and after looking at the maintenance costs of a 15-year-old machine and the fact that tape is just not available anymore, really made the decision for me. Even if you got yourself a nice Tascam DA88 8-track, there are so many moving parts in that machine it costs at least $200 to bring it back up to spec, and then replacing the heads?

As a photographer I have these same discussions with my photog buddies, basically the same discussion, but none of us are going back. I love film, but thanks to folks like Wozniak and Jobs and a little concept known as RAM - it isn't cost-effective to do either analog mediums.
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