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Default Re: Mic cable adapter. Is this the one I need?

Originally Posted by Blankso View Post
I have a couple mic cables that I cant plug into my mixer because they have a guitar-like jack on the side that would plug into the mixer
Is this the adaptor that could fix that? I think it is but I cant totally tell.
1. No, it's not. Unless it's marked incorrectly on the website, the FEMALE side of the XLR cable is the side that a mic plugs into. The MALE side of the XLR is the side that plugs into the mixer. It's confusing, because when you look at both ends, it would appear as though the male end should actually be called the female end, because it would enclose the male end on the outside, but it is called the male end because it has those 3 little prongs that fit inside the 3 little holes on the female end.

2. It's SOOOO nice that the website doesn't show you a picture of the actual XLR side. I'm sure they've gotten people buying the OTHER adapter when they accidentally ordered this one.

3. Just get an XLR cable in the length you need. Whenever you join two cables, or a jack and a cable, or whatever, you leave yourself open for outside interference. Use the fewest amount of cables/connections, as short as practically possible, to get the job done.
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