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Originally Posted by bigbang
i'm sorry guy's but i take exception to this ... i have worked long and hard ( as probably many of you have) to get to the cusp of being fairly professional only to have people praise a guy that keeps 2&4 mediocrely. It's like a meg white arguement.Just because they are in a popular band they get the world of drummers thrown at their feet.This really pisses me off.And don't say that he SERVES the music 'cause there is plenty of space in acdc's songs that a good fill would augment the song...
I've seen dozens of bands do AC-DC cover tunes, it's amazing how nobody ever really mimics Phils groove. Most of the players, even an AC-DC tribute band I've seen, throw in that seemingly good augmenting fill or too busy on the bass drum or whatever only to completely destroy the feel of the song. Just an observation, not trying to be argumentative.
I got to see Phil with AC-DC in 1979, when Bon Scott was still around. Kewl.
Sonor Phonics, Ludwigs & Sabians.
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