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Finn was IMO this forum's most intelligent poster and remarkably articulate. Using the search engine to find his old posts is worth at least an hour of your time. During his DW prime (2005-2006) he set the thought bar very, very high. He was also a skilled debater who didn't tolerate fools. For example, he would have rightfully mocked this all opinions are the same nonsense and handed your butt to you in the process while never cursing or demonstrating outward hostility.

As I've said before, behavior on this forum was different back then. Five years ago we used to push the envelope a lot more but it wasn't so personal, nor did the other guy take a thoughtful disagreement personally. In fact I believe one of the reasons you see these passive aggressive sniping types around now is because guys like Finn aren't around to set them straight.

That's not to say there weren't feuds /and yes Finn was in the middle of some classics/ but the issues were always about the music and little else. There were also ground rules because Finn and those who surrounded him understood that a debate or even a disagreement wasn't always a fight, nor is one a snob simply because he chooses to use words in the proper way or possesses the willingness to challenge. And honestly, I miss that around here.

One of the great regrets of my life centered around a really nasty exchange I had with him /on another forum/ just months before he died. In his usual style he went after something I was directly involved in and I overreacted, while forgetting to respect his hunger for a good debate. I said some pretty crappy things to him and we never spoke again. I've wanted to take all that back for the past three years, while the whole thing taught me some very tough lessons that I won't soon forget.
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