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I made my own remote hi-hat a few months ago. I had an extra hihat stand laying around, so I decided to chop it up!

It was a Yamaha stand with the spring mounted externally. You can see where the spring used to be in the last picture. I just removed that portion of the stand and moved it onto a rig I made from the top portion of the hihat stand and various hardware I had laying around (nuts, bolts, washers, spacers, memory locks, a little flag pole mount and a cable from a broken lawnmower).

You'll notice the duct tape; I firmly believe that no project is complete without it!
Sorry for the crappy pictures and my filthy drum set, but if you have a stand like this and want to modify it, then I can explain some things if you need to pm me.

The mini hi hats are 8" in size. It's an Istanbul Agop Sultan Splash over an Alchemy Bell Cymbal. They sound like tiny K/Z's, I guess.
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