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This will most likely go over the heads of some of the newer members here, but I suggest that you read this all the same.

It's now been a little over three years since a good friend of mine, and a member of this board, FinnHiggins took his own life after what can only be described as a tragic series of events and failures in care.

Finn was a well-respected musician and most of all a fine, intelligent and honest human being. His posts here are what we have left of his memory, but for his friends his memory is a more vivid one, of a character whose very being left a positive and joyous impression upon everyone he met.

So I want everybody to take a second to just consider those who might be struggling with themselves or others. Who might be harbouring unhealthy feelings and most of all learn from the mistakes that have been made in the past to prevent anything like this happening to those of whom we hold dearest.

Thank you.
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