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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post

Now that is music. Great sound, great percussion section, great drummer, great brass section. Stage performance and stage presence. No one grabbed their crotch or took off their shirt. You could understand the lyrics. If you weren't tapping your feet or doing the chair dance then you have no soul or rhythm. Let's see, we need a band for the prom. Ummm, Earth wind and Fire, or Fitty Cent, or maybe, Biggy Smalls, or maybe Eminem. Let me get back to you. As if.
So your saying the best type of music is music that would be fit for prom?

Anyway, many of the more popular rappers of today bring a lot of energy on stage and are a stage presence. People wouldn't go to see eminem in concert if all they did was watch him stand there and rap.

It's one thing to dislike hip hop but it's another thing to say it's not music. Just because hip hop is different from other genres of music doesn't mean it's not music. That's just being narrow minded.
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