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Default Re: Tommy Igoe-Best in the World

Judging by what Tommy says at the end of the "great hands" dvd, I don't think he believes in a drummer being the best.

I do beleive though he is one of the most watchable and best dvd teachers though. He always motivates me and makes me want to practise, and always lightens my mood too. It's great to just sit and bash away on the pad while watching "great hands" or the groove essentials dvds. I hope some day I can take some time out and go to New York and study with him for a while, and go to that jazz club he plays at on a Friday to watch the band - I imagine it'd be a great experience (nothing much like that in the UK unfortunately, not a great music scene over here anymore as far as I can see).

Even my non drummer house-mate doesn't mind watching when I have the dvd on.

I love JoJo's secret weapons dvd too, but great hands and groove essentials are the ones I find myself picking up most often right now.
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