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Default Re: Losing interest in listening to music. WHA!?

Haha, I play chess pretty seriously and am normally really good but during some periods, the game just doesnít interest me. I canít ďseeĒ the board, I cannot make a plan, and am not interested in making one. I usually take 3-4 days or a week off and am back at it, full and strong.

Canít say Iíve never been not interested in listening to some kind of music, but Iím sure itís happened and it obviously went away. Like the previous poster said, Iíd just go with it and rest for a while. Who knows?

EDIT: WOW i just noticed that all three of us are from southern california! i lived in riverside for years, and now am just up the road in Yucaipa. Small world! :)
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