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Default Losing interest in listening to music. WHA!?

So about a month ago...maybe little more than a month, I kinda just...Stop paying attention to music. I would have the headphones on but I would only here background noise. I realized this when I was listening to some Bebop stuff (I was studying it) so I tried listened to other stuff. Same thing. I can only pay attention to it if I force my self. Which is something I think someone shouldnt be doing because thats not really enjoying music. Tried looking around for different bands to listen to and there some that defined sounded like something I would like but still...No attention after a very short while of listening to it. I also tried listening to music less. BUT STILL! FREAKIN A!!!!!
Has this ever happen to you?
Could this just be a phase? Cuz One second I was enjoying all of this stuff. Then bam.
And dont say "try listening to other genres" blah blah. Cuz I already listen to a lot of genres. All of them I have attention for anymore.
But I still love the drums. hmmmmmm so puzzling....
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