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Oh yeah, this post is directed towards hip hop fans.
I wanted to help support a guy named Vinnie Dewayne. I'm serious, I am 100% POSITIVE that this guy has the potential to be a Lupe Fiasco or J Cole. Very talented, I thought he was a pro rapper when I first listened to these songs. He only has one mixtape but he is very talented.

Listen to these two songs: This one is called "Damn" (don't be turned off by the title. It's very "real") This song is called Stray Bullet.
He's 19 right now, and tell me how many people can rap like this at that age? He's doing it from the viewpoint of someone that has a lot of life experience.
The instrumental is classical music with violins and such, with a hip hop beat on the drums.

He's from Portland, Oregon. A good rapper out of that state is extremely rare (I don't know of any) but he could put them on the map in the underground.

Suprisingly, I have more views on my own channel with no uploads than he does with an entire mixtape. That's like some crazy talented drummer not being able to find an audience to play for. The people that do listen to him will support him but he'll be wasted talent. If you are familiar with hip hop, support this guy, or take a listen to his mixtape.

Edit: This is the intro to the mixtape. Nice beat.
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