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Default Re: Genie Krupa

Originally Posted by DogBreath
Gene was the better drummer, the better musician, and the better gentleman. Buddy was the better showman. Gene sold drumming; Buddy sold Buddy.

Just my humble opinion, not an argument.
You're very right, I think. Also, he was definately the better gentleman. Haha, my dad said that he once saw Buddy Rich when he was a kid, and he waited in line to talk to Buddy Rich. Buddy Rich asked him,"Where's your paper for me to sign?" and my dad goes, "Well, I just wanted to tell you how much I respect you and the band", then Buddy goes, "Get the f**k out of here." HAHAHA. But anyways, Gene was definately a better musician. Buddy Rich actually couldn't read music, so it turns out, and what he'd do is get some guy to play the music for him ONE time, then Buddy would master it like a monster. Altho, I don't know if it was any different for Gene...But Buddy Rich was still great aswell. Also, Louie Bellson is awesome too. GREAT drummer.
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