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Default Re: Desert Island Album

Originally Posted by daredrummer View Post
Tell me this doesn't have feel to it, especially at 0:25, 1:53 then again at 2:25.
Also this whole song is definitely not your everyday prog.
Trust me, this album has feel.
I don't think he's arguing with you. He's just stating his preference, and that's cool. We all have something we don't get with.

This is a very tough question because as unheard-of as it is, I can't have just one thing in my life. I want all things. I was at a photographers convention this past weekend and somebody told me he had his "desert island lens" and I looked at him like his was high on something. I'm sure I want to eliminate all spice from my life by having only one of something (note sarcasm here). It'd be like a Twilight Zone-ish "stuck in hell" episode if you were stuck having to listen to one CD over and over, eh?

But right now I'm digging both of those Jojo Mayer Nerve albums. Nobody else I know likes them, though ;)
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