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Originally Posted by playItLikeThis View Post
On another note, I surprised Twitter wasn't sued by TWIT (This Week In Tech), since they were around some time before Twitter.
It is a little surprising. However, I think it'd be safe to say that more people are aware of "Twitter" than "TWiT". It probably made more sense to let Twitter keep doing their thing, and in the event of someone running a search it might pull a link or two to the TWiT website or some of their articles. Essentially inadvertently getting more traffic TWiT's way.

Although over the weekend Twitter made a stink about a couple of other twitter clients that have mobile apps. I think it was Uber Media's "UberTwitter" and "TwitDroyd". From what I can tell it was all about the use of the letters "Twit". You've got several others like Tweetcaster, TweetDeck, Twicca, Plume (which used to be Touiteur, but a lawsuit was filed because it sounded too much like "Twitter") etc. that didn't have any issues. Ultimately, a few days later, Uber media changed their app to "Uber Social" and everything's back to the way it was several days ago. I blame lawyers.
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