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Originally Posted by paistemage View Post
Yeah mos def, either in black star or by himself is pretty amazing, I like the Eccentric album.

Tupac-What else can be said.

The roots- check the Album they did with John Legend.

Good examples of provocative stuff.
Thanks. I actually have an entire Youtube account dedicated to the best hip hop and amatuer drummers on Youtube. I feel like I'm responsible for promoting the genre. I was just arguing with someone on a classical music video about stereotyping hip hop. Suprisingly, everybody agreed.

I treat hip hop like I treat classical music.
The lyrics in hip hop = the notes and rhythms in classical music. If the rapper has to cuss every other word in all of his songs then he's a "grade 1 or 2" rapper. Rappers like Mos Def and Talib still cuss but they use a MASSIVE vocab, set of similes and metaphors, and abstract thought in their music. So they would have "grade 5 or 6" music. I think that's the best compare and contrast example that can use to describe it.
All the stuff on the top charts is grade 1 or 2 music that everyone can get.

Someone stated earlier that they don't see the appeal in rap. Well, I look for rap that requires me to analyze it. Lupe Fiasco uses historical references in a lot of his songs ("Hurt Me Soul" is my favorite). That appeals to me. If you guys liked the songs I just posted...well I have 100 more in my favorites list on my ipod and Youtube account. And I'd say about 1/4 of them are better or as good as the songs I posted. That's the appeal that I find in rap music.

Edit: I've been listening to that Roots and John Legend album since it came out. The "live in studio" versions of "Lil Ghetto Boy", "Hard Times" and "Can't Write Left Handed" are the best songs on the album as far as musicianship goes. You can find them on Youtube. Haven't seen anything like that since the 70's.

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