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Originally Posted by playItLikeThis View Post
From Billboards Hip Hop/R&B

I stopped at number 12. No point in beating a dead horse. We different standards of what filth is, and that's fine. Just don't try to pass this genre off as wholesome. And of course filth/raunch isn't limited to Hip Hop, its just far more prevalent in a higher percentage of songs.

I'll look for your link and listen to it.
Like I said, you CANNOT look at the hip hop billboards and expect to find good music up there (might be something decent up their every month or so). Honestly, I just looked at the top 50 and I don't know any of the songs up there because I don't listen to popular rap, mainly because it is BS.

I'll try to crank out half a dozen links in the next hour or so and we can critique some of the music. I'll try to post links to music that is child appropriate. Some of it will still have one or two curse words but the message of the lyrics will be way more meaningful than "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne. lol

And paistemage is right. A lot of the stuff on the top charts is basically hip hop music for the clubs. In my opinion, that was fine back in the early 2000's when Usher and Fifty cent were some of the only major rappers making popular club music. Now it's like, every new hip hop artist needs to come out with an album that can be played in the club.
People don't like having to look hard to find good music, I had to look for almost 6 months to find all of the conscious rappers that I listen to right now.

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