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I wasn't trying to pass it off as wholesome.
A lot of hip hop is offensive and that is a fact. But, the way you were sepaking is if it all is offensive. A handful of songs doesn't describe a whole genre.

I was putting up the stance that there is plenty of hip hop that doesn't meet the criteria you described. Artists I mentioned before.

The "music" that is popular is made to draw attention and use key selling cliches: sex, drinking/clubbing and the like. I have heard it, and don't like it, and wonder why it is popular and ATMOSPHERE isn' is because a lot of the mainstream music isn't meant to be intellectual. It is meant to provoke an immediate response and is made for the simple minded.

I was trying to make a point that some hip hop,. or even the pop that has "rapping" over it is definately in the off color category, sure. Some is not.

I was trying to emphasize that to get the gist of the true hip hop I was speaking, you need to hear things that are made to enhance your mind, not lessen your wallet.

If drunk people in a club need to hear a hip hop style beat with a rapper talking about being drunk, fine, there is "product " out there which suits this need.

If your a head and you want a great MC, there is stuff out there.

Unfortunately it isn't popular because people are very much like sheep and will take whatever is spoonfed to them without questioning. They will see what is being sold to them and make an assumption, a generality about a whole music genre.

It is like saying there is one kind of jazz.

It is a predjudice without making an informed decision.

It is like saying all Metal music is about the "devil," and tells people to kill themselves. As foolish as these viewpoints are,there are people who subscribe to them.

It is clearly a point of not having been exposed to enough of the genre to make true statement.

If I were to look at any point in history, I could see peaks and valleys in the music that is popular. Some of it is great, the beatles for example, some is terrible.

Looking at what's popular isn't an exhaustive approach of a whole music genre.
What is popular isn't quality, most of the time.
Only looking at a short list of today's music , listened to by the herd, doesn't help you see all the gold hidden underneath, in the underground, or even in the past.
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