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Originally Posted by paistemage View Post
If you don't like it fine, but a vast majority isn't "filthy" that is a misconception.

Your obviously uninformed, and that is fine, you don't have to like it.
From Billboards Hip Hop/R&B

6 foot 7, Lil Wayne featuring Cory Gunz - Drops S-bomb 3 times, B-bomb 3 times, N-word twice, F-bomb 3 times, menage a trois reference, all in the first verse.

Love Faces, Trey Songz - Don't it feel good when I touch on it; Wouldn't it be nice if all night I was ** you

No Bull S**t, Chris Brown - Make you come over and over again, And Ima leave it in...

Aston Marton Music Rick Ross -My down bi**h, one who live by the code, Put this music s**t aside, get it in on the road

Fabolous, You Be Killin Em - A bad b***h cost, she worth every cent; She look like the best money that I ever spent. Can't fault her, the last n***a spoiled her; But he ain't beat it up, I assault her

Wiz Khalifa, Black and Yellow - Black stripe, yellow paint; Them n****s scared of it, but them ho's ain't; Soon as I hit the club look at them ho's face...

I stopped at number 12. No point in beating a dead horse. We different standards of what filth is, and that's fine. Just don't try to pass this genre off as wholesome. And of course filth/raunch isn't limited to Hip Hop, its just far more prevalent in a higher percentage of songs.

Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat
Utter tripe. You haven't even tried to listen to anything worthwhile. Get off MTV and listen to something that isn't on that channel and you'll find far, far more interesting work.
Please back up your statements. I'm open to some examples you can provide. And who watches MTV?

Originally Posted by Snare
Along with the one link that I posted, I can give you WAY MORE links to hip hop artists and groups that use Musicians and instruments that don't match the reasons on your list.
I'll look for your link and listen to it.
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