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Originally Posted by playItLikeThis View Post
I don't like rap for the following reasons:

1. One bar of music repeated for 3 1/2- 4 minutes. Ususally with some ear-degrading "sound effect" played throughout the whole song.
2. Filthy lyrics.
3. Encourages illiteracy. Fifty Cent/Fitty Cent?
4. Is now more about a culture that is detrimental to a large portion of people who listen to it.
5. Live performances: A bunch of shirtless tatooed dudes hopping around and yelling "lyrics" into the mic which can't be understood.
6. Musicians? They don't need no stinking musicians!
7. Musically flat. No changes in mood, time signature, key. No bridge, climax. Just flat line loud.

That said, there are a few older song I like, such as rapper's delight, walk this way (crossover) , bust a move. Warren G. had a song I liked about 7 years ago but I can't remember the title.
Sounds like the only rap you've heard is Lil Wayne and "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent, based off the first 5 reasons.
Along with the one link that I posted, I can give you WAY MORE links to hip hop artists and groups that use Musicians and instruments that don't match the reasons on your list.
That is, if you want me to.

I agree though, it probably is a generational thing. I could send you dozens of links to other songs but I'm not entirely sure it would change your opinion of hip hop. But I do want you to remember that Mainstream Rap does not do the genre justice. To me, it is pop music. Mainstream Rap is basically the ugly face of the genre that everyone can see. You have to ask or actively look for good hip hop music.

Most of the rappers that people my age think are good, would be Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Birdman, OJ the Juice Man, Nicki Minaj, and Drake (yes I know, by the time I got to "OJ" you were facepalming). All of them are BS artists, period.
Please understand that some drummers (me at least) are listening to hip hop music that is different from the kind that you, as well as other people that are not familiar with it, immediately think of.

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