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Default Re: HIP HOP

I'm 31.

If your paying attention to what is REALLY popular you aren't getting a GREAT exploration of true MCing.

Eminem is excellent, past that most mainstream stuff is formulaic:

Beat, simple melody, terrible wordplay. Ja rule, fabulous, stuff like that.

TRY listening to Aesop Rock, POS, Eyedea and abilities, Gangstarr, and of course Tribe.

Those Are MC's.

Try MfDoom "Accordian" youtube it.

Hip hop I feel, and have found myself, DOES appeal to drummers. It's all about polyrhythmn.

The vocals push or pull the bar line, or go along syncopatedly with the straight ahead beat.
"If I became parapalegic I would try to use my forehead to drum, or my tongue or nose." - Myself
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