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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
Hey Stan! I'm a proud owner of a stunning 22" OM ride now!! Its sound is astonishing, but
also quite intimidating, too! I'll have to get used to it after mainly playing a Sabian HH 22" Jazz
Ride, which sounded very traditional, rather high-pitched.

What styles do you use your OM family in? Have you tried it with a piano trio?

Also, as an Istanbul Agop expert, what would you recommend as a second ride alongside
the OM 22? In your previous post you mentioned the 20 is more of a crash than ride (it's called
crash after all). I'm thinking of a Turk Jazz 20" maybe... Would be very dry though.
Very cool Matthias!

I use my OM's pretty much just for acoustic jazz work especially when piano is in the situation since their dark and dry qualities have a "ceiling" that really sit well for a blend to hear everything at a wide dynamic approach within the music. I do use the 15" hats in a wider range of situations though from small to large stages.

Interesting enough the right smaller 18" and 16" OM crashes are a little less wet and a little quieter than the 20" OM I have. You have to find the right ones though since there's lots of variations of sounds within the range with these. If you do search around either make for excellent crashes AND light rides. I snagged a 16" OM crash recently that has a nice low undertone/pitch/stick sound for a killer small ride AND it's dark and evil with a quick dry crash that gets right out of the way after it's hit. Great for setting up just the right punctuations in the music but not overly loud for acoustic situations/instruments in smaller venues so far from my experience with it.

Other choices would be a 20" Turk Jazz ride for sure or maybe a 19" Mel Lewis if you would like a more rich and lush sounding pie that has a a nice stick and a full crash sound.

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