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Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
Can't spell Twitter without twit. Seriously though, I've never understood the reason for it. Maybe if you're some kind of movie-star or a famous band, but for more regular folks, you can always use Facebook or other social medias.
Never understood the fascination with people writing "Going to the toilet" and the people following. Maybe I'm just not star-struck enough..
Everything is relevant to someone. I maintain dozens of Twitter accounts for businesses. If one of them sold or manufactured toilets, you can be sure I would be monitoring conversations about toilets, what people wanted out of toilets, what is the best toilet, who is buying a new toilet, who broke one, etc.

Imagine the ability to hover over millions of conversations and instantly sift through ones that were of interest to you personally, creatively or professionally. If you know how to use it, and care to use it, Twitter opens up thousands of conversations of interest.

Once, someone told me, "I went onto Twitter and someone was just talking about the burrito they just ate. Who needs to know that?" If you own a burrito stand or Mexican restaurant, you definitely want to know what people in your town are saying about burritos, where they are eating them, and how you can get them to eat your burritos.

Everything is relevant to someone.
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