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WOW!!!...Thanks Polly! for bringing this song out of the old classic rock chest.

You and Queen just blew me away with LIAR, that song is from Queen I, isn't it? The four of them (Freddie, Brian, John & Roger) were amazing, brilliant.

The rhythmic marriage between John and Roger must be one of the greatest back in the 1970's...really like the open-hand playing of the cowbell and hi-hat entry, basic drum triplet, fills and quick drum solo, voice and guitar.

I hope you like it:

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Ian ...oops, we'll have to knock one of those albums / bands out of my teen list. I forgot that I went totally nuts over Queen in 1973 after seeing this clip on a Saturday morning music show:

I saw them playing live from the front row a few years later and I'm not sure any show before or since made me happier. Can't forget Queen when talking about classic hard rock acts.
The back of beyond ...

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