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Default Re: Most Beautiful Piece Of Music You've Heard

Yeah, that is a good observation, while a lot of people like what others post, it isn't the first thing that pops into their head, because it is a very personal thing.

Occasionally people will find technicality and execution beautiful; to some people that is what has an effect over them, and that is fair enough, even though I don't share that sentiment.

Each to their own, if everyone had exactly the same tastes in everything the world would be a very dull place.

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
Notice: Isn't it beautiful that virtually nobody really shares his/her most beautiful pieces of
music with someone else? That's the beauty of art, of music. Being touched is really personal.
I haven't seen one post that says "This chord progression is the most sophisticated, therefore
this is my most beautiful song", or "That melody line refuses any clichées and is so innovative,
so it's the best I've ever heard".

That's the way it is, and I think that taste and individuality also has much more influence than
we'd like to admit when it comes to choose "best" drummers. Because there is so much
more to music - sound, textures - that is really hard to even compare.

By the way, I also like the fact that there have been no arguments in this thread, and no
comparison about which peace is more beautiful
A disquiet mind at therapy with the music.
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