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I love those Purple albums, Black Sabbath the 1st? that one has a touch of dark blues, Pinups? please refresh my mind, from which band? LZ I - tha's a master-piece.

...Ian to the waitress: Please I want a crunch Vegetarian Supreme Pizza + a cold beer! ;]

Si es cierto! A dónde se han ido los buenos tiempos! Where have all the good times gone...

Congrats, keep practising Spanish. You are quick learner!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Ian, I'm guessing you are saying that I am a pizza ... in Spanish it seems that I'm Vegetarian and in English I'm a Supreme (with anchovies?) :)

If I was choosing my top 5 albums as a teen about 35 years ago it would be something like this:

Machine Head
Black Sabbath
Led Zep 1
DP in Rock

Cómo cambian los tiempos!
The back of beyond ...
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