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Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
Muy bién Polly! eres una vergataria. Así es, nos gusta mucho el rock duro, y el metal pesado también. ;-) (guiño)

Very good Polly! you are a supreme. That's it, we like hard rock a lot, and heavy metal as well. (eye picked) You are half Venezuelan and half Argentinian + Aussie = dangerous mix.
Ian, I'm guessing you are saying that I am a pizza ... in Spanish it seems that I'm Vegetarian and in English I'm a Supreme (with anchovies?) :)

If I was choosing my top 5 albums as a teen about 35 years ago it would be something like this:

Machine Head
Black Sabbath
Led Zep 1
DP in Rock

Cómo cambian los tiempos!
Polly's rhythms
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