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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Existe una conexión entre hablar español y 1970 de rock pesado? :)
Bravo Polly!! Quanto tiempo le trado escribir eso mate?

I suppose I should translate to be polite to all you uncultured lot...

Mira Che! Eres un hombre de buen gustos amigo.

Trans: Look Che! You are a man of good tastes!
"Che" is a Spanish diminutive interjection (a vocative expression) commonly used in Argentina. A form of colloquial slang used in a vocative sense as "friend", and thus loosely corresponds to expressions such as "mate", "pal", "man", "bro", or "dude"; as used by various English speakers.(Wikipedia)

Gracias hermano! y tu eres un vergatario (lo máximo, supremo) a lo hiciste reir!!!

Trans: Thank you brother! and you are a vergatario (the best, supreme) to a Venezulan... you made me laugh.

Existe una conexión entre hablar español y 1970 de rock pesado? :)
Trans: Is there a connection between speaking Spanish and 70's heavy rock?

Polly, actually that should read "Rock pesado DE 1970" I understood, very impressed.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled thread before one of these angry golf playing drummers from Phoenix call INS on us...
Classy grip all day cause I'm just fancy like that.
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