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I agree that to some extent some "hip hop," which is really pop music these days, at least in the mainstream with a cadence similar to REAL hip hop; has been a detrimental.

I am not a Christian, but Lacraee, he is a Christian Hip hopper. To answer your question of that "market" so to speak.

I do like ALL hip hop, and have an ear for quality.

As in any music there is stuff, "product" made to "move units."

I like the storytelling aspect, analyzing the delivery of the vocalist, and visualizing what the MC is saying. It takes me on a journey.
It is pretty EASY to make hip hop music, and with the aid of computer programs or drum machines, just about anybody can "do it." Doesn't mean its good.

I was not stating anyone here has that exact view, in my earlier post, I know people in "real" life that have such an opinion.

I am from Chicago, I like , and can relate, to hip hop that DOES talk about selling drugs, shooting people, overall nefarious gangster stuff. I have seen it firsthand. The results of these crimes, known people that live in ghettos, lived in ghettos, etc.

Does that mean I want to glorify it, or not get out? No, I left. Anyone who LIKES living in a ghetto is a liar. Hip hop to some is escapism. Mentally we can escape through the stories. Mentally we can leave and vicariously live the life.

To me, hip hop has always been close to my heart. It's fun (paul revere), it can speak about social ills (brendas got a bay) or maybe talk about a great female(bonita applebum).

No offense to anyone here, I agree with the sentiments its a youth thing.My parents dislike it. My grandfather didn't like Zeppelin. I am 31 , no means a spring chicken, I don't understand "kesha." I don't understand plasticity.

Read Tupac's poetry book, you tell me if there isn't something positive there. Especially "rose that grew from concrete."
"If I became parapalegic I would try to use my forehead to drum, or my tongue or nose." - Myself
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