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Originally Posted by paistemage View Post
Gangstarr has positive messages. Tons o gunz is about gun violence and why it should stop. Tribe called quest! Positive lyrics.

people tend to lump all rap into a ganster rap genre. They were exposed to it via the media, it might be the only rap they are familiar with.

Despite popular opinion, a lot of "concious" rap pushes an anti negative approach. A lot of rappers speak out on this. a lot of rappers speak out on how empty this approach might be, because they aren't making people think.

Common , mos def, talib kwali, all these rappers say positive things. A lot of rappers hold intelligence as something that should be cherished, and nurtured.

Do i expect people that don't like hip hop to seek this type of hip hop out to validate my point?

It is just being , legitamately ignorant of the culture/music.

That isn't aimed at anyone in particular, just a fact. People that don't know or like Metal think metalheads all worship the devil, kill babies, and are extremely aggressive all the time.

I'm not. I like metal.

Hip hop is a genre of music, it doesn't make you bad for not being into it, it makes
I apologize for overgeneralizing - I should know better. There is even Christian hip-hop and rap, that has positive messages. It's not my cup of tea, but if it reaches people, all the more power to them. And as someone pointed out, there are plenty of bad messages in rock music.

My main point (and again it is just an opinion) was really that hip hop and rap, just like disco, has had a negative impact on popular music in general. I know my parent's generation probably said the same thing when Elvis and then the Beatles came into popularity, because they were used to big band music. Their parent's probably said the same thing about big band music.

I am not saying that hip hop and rap artists are not talented, because they obviously are. I'm saying that the form of music does not utilize the instruments that I enjoy hearing. Where is the bass player, the piano player or the drummer? Where are the guitar licks? I can hear all those in jazz, rock, (some) metal, big band, and even some classical music.

This is not my only pet peeve about today's music. The over-synthesization of many of today's pop vocals also drives me crazy, along with extensive use of drum tracks.

But I guess I shouldn't be such a "purist" about these things. The Beatles were one of the pioneers of rock and roll, but they along with George Martin spent many hours in the studio adding and rearranging instruments and vocals - even recording some of them backwards and sped up, while adding all kinds of crazy special sound affects. Then again, Martin was a brilliant producer and composer, and added so many beautiful orchestral arrangements to their songs.
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