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Default Re: I can't take it anymore! Wife smokes, I don't. Tips are welcome!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I once stopped smoking for two years, another time for one year. Trouble is, I wasn't disgusted when I had another cig .... I loved it!

It would be great to be able to hate cigs like other reformed smokers.
I totally relate to this! Every time I've slipped I felt like, "Wow, look what I've been missing this whole time!" I wish I could hate them, too. I think that's why I've quit (erm, stopped), and restarted, so many times.

I was only half joking when I said that quitting was easy since I've done it lots of time. It's not the quitting that's so hard (first few days, weeks, even months), it's the staying quit part because I don't hate them - except for the sinister companies that produce them having purposefully manipulated their product to ensure that quitting is so freaking hard, and the social ostracism.
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