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Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
Top 5 Fav. Bands
Deep Purple
Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath
Judas Priest
Mira Che! Eres un hombre de buen gustos amigo.

Ok, My turn, In no particular order...

Top 5 Fav. Bands
Black Sabbath/Ozzy
Judas Priest
Thin Lizzy
Rage Against the Machine
Bob Marley

Top 5 Fav. Albums
Paranoid - Black sabbath
Vagabonds of the Western World - Thin Lizzy (note my signature)
Vientos del Pueblo - Victor Jara
Legend - Bob Marley
Painkiller - Judas Priest

Top 5 Fav. Drummers
Cozy Powell
Buddy Rich
Bill Ward

So I've only been drumming for a year and change, I don't have a bunch of drum heroes yet... although I'm really digging Daniel Glass and Earl Palmer

Top 5 (or so) Fav. Guitarists
Jimi Hendrix (Duh...)
Tom Morello
Carlos Santana
Toni Iommi
Chuck Schuldner
Django Reinhardt
Chuck Berry

Top 5 Fav vocalists
Janice Joplin!
Chavela Vargas
Miguel Aceves Mejia (It's getting all Mexican in here!)
Little Richard
Freddie Mercury
Ronnie James Dio (RIP)/Ozzy
Classy grip all day.

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