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Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Actually, theoretically, semitone changes are some of the least subtle changes you can make. The second key has almost no relationship to the first key. If you want to hear subtle modulation, try some Debussy. Changing to the V of V or even the V can be very, very subtle. This is where having a basic background in music theory comes in handy!
Theoretically, yes. In practice? Not always. Semitone changes can modulate to major/minor which is drastic, but a lot of the time, as with Easy, it depends more on the mode in which the vocal melody belongs.

And by V do you mean fifth? I dont do the numericals thing, and V of V?

Yeah, im doing my degree, and it always surprises people when the drummer (of all people) starts talking about key changes and relative minors etc :)
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