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Gangstarr has positive messages. Tons o gunz is about gun violence and why it should stop. Tribe called quest! Positive lyrics.

people tend to lump all rap into a ganster rap genre. They were exposed to it via the media, it might be the only rap they are familiar with.

Despite popular opinion, a lot of "concious" rap pushes an anti negative approach. A lot of rappers speak out on this. a lot of rappers speak out on how empty this approach might be, because they aren't making people think.

Common , mos def, talib kwali, all these rappers say positive things. A lot of rappers hold intelligence as something that should be cherished, and nurtured.

Do i expect people that don't like hip hop to seek this type of hip hop out to validate my point?

It is just being , legitamately ignorant of the culture/music.

That isn't aimed at anyone in particular, just a fact. People that don't know or like Metal think metalheads all worship the devil, kill babies, and are extremely aggressive all the time.

I'm not. I like metal.

Hip hop is a genre of music, it doesn't make you bad for not being into it, it makes
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