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damn typos. Was typing fast.
What I was trying to say is that portnoy, for example, is technically profficent, and writes complex parts. He isn't just laying down a groove a lot of times, he does things that are far from simple.

That doesn't mean he doesn't groove, just he isn't like Harvey mason, from herbie Hancocks Headhunters and more.

You could play DT stuff, and keep the beat without all the technical wizardry, but it wouldn't be the same, since their music calls for a little bit more in the drum department.

More chops.

I was making the analogy that these are two different approaches, but both work and there is not one wrong way.

I love technical stuff, not dream theater. Gene Hoglan or Tony Williams.

People use portnoy as an example of extreme technical prowess. I used him to further my analogy.
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