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Default Re: Meg White

I serve the song.

I like bonzo, john lee hookers drummer, mitch mitchell, elvin, tony williams, tim alexander, brain, and anything you can think of.

I didn't read through this whole thread, but will.

Questlove is at the top of the list, along with Gadd. They have discipline. If it works, leave it alone. They don't portnoy a killer groove. Portnoy doesn't kill grooves but he is in a "progressive" band. He isn't dave grohl, he isn't charlie watts. Portnoy, was , in a band that espoused technical mastery. Imagine meg in dream theater, it would work if she kept a beat, if you believe drummers should just do that.

We should, but sometimes spice is great. In the white stripes context portnoy would kill the song.

I am a whatever fits the song guy. Do I step out? yeah. Do I push the time? yeah. Do I cross the bar line and stand out sometimes? yeah.

Do I know when to NOT do that, and keep a beat, yeah.

My favorite thing about being a drummer is dynamics, good transitions, and accent parts of songs. Not doing things to satisfy my ego.

Serve the song with discipline, respect, and integrity, and your fine. "aenima," or "filles de killamanjaro" sound fine with complex drum parts.

Those drummers serve the song.

I believe you don't have to be complex or JUSt simple. You have to be a musician. If your style is simple, cool. If not cool.

I love dave grohl like I love Tony Williams ride cymbal on "so what" on four and more. You can't picka child you love most, but you love the fact you gave birth to all the children.

We all give birth to grooves, we just march to a different drummer.
"If I became parapalegic I would try to use my forehead to drum, or my tongue or nose." - Myself
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