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Default Re: Can anyone recommend me some funk music?

Originally Posted by RollingStone000 View Post
Oh yeah. *smacks my head* I blame disco on cocaine. Oddly enough I've heard some really early disco (or what could be classified as disco) from about 73' - 75' and it was actually respectable, and then it started making money. And like everything that has money thrown at it, it becomes very watered down and formulaic.
It's amazing what the disco era did to groups like the Bee Gees, who started out on the folk side of things. Even they admitted they never expected it to happen like that, or that they would be so successful at disco. I abhorred disco as a teenager, but looking back, especially as you mentioned some of the early stuff, wasn't all that bad. And as monotonous as some disco sounds, at least most of it was recorded with real drums. Which cannot be said about today's pop music.

If you listen to a song like Disco Inferno from the Saturday Night Fever sound track, you certainly could say that it is long (14 minutes, I think) and boring, or you could say that the drummer did a good job of keeping the groove for such a long time, and stayed tight and consistent on the hats the whole time. I'd probably lose my concentration after about 5 minutes on a song like that.
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