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Originally Posted by intooder
Our band's been talking about covering "Cicatriz Esp" (our guitar player's fav. band is TMV, and it was his turn to pick one). I guess I'll just get to growing me a few limbs then.
Covering Mars Volta songs is a serious challenge. I've been working on Son et Lumiere and Inertiatic ESP with a couple of friends - to be honest, drummers (and bassists too) have one of the easier parts to learn because it's more or less a "normal" part - unlike the guitar. I feel for any guitar player who attempts to take on Omar's cracked-out stuff - it's intensely bizarre. That and the fact that it's very difficult to capture the same vibe live that they had in the studio recording - both their albums are very much studio productions.

Good luck on Cicatriz - it's one of my favorite grooves on both cds.
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